Don't Be a Bingo Sleeper

Psst! Do you know someone who is referred as a bingo sleeper? If it happens to be you perhaps, you must change your bingo strategy.

Before we begin, what is bingo first? Honestly, nobody knows exactly where and when bingo originated. Some says bingo started in European countries. In Italy, especially somewhere in the southern part, bingo is believed to be an upshot of a raffle. A raffle is game wherein card or ticket holders waited for their card or ticket numbers to be drawn out from a tombola. In France and United Kingdom, lotto or lottery is very popular among them. In lottery, numbers are drawn one at a time unlike in a raffle. Thus, bingo is said to have a French or English origin. Lastly, in China, they also have their own version of a lottery, which is called keno. Unlike lottery, keno uses pictures or diagrams printed on tiles instead of numbers marked in a paper or ball.

The concept of playing bingo is easy. All we have to do is to equip ourselves with the following: First, we have to have money to buy a bingo ticket and / or refreshments as the game progresses. Second, we have to have pens or beads to mark down every drawn out number. Third, we have to have a lot of patience and enthusiasm. The last prerequisite is the most important one so that we will not get easily be bored and become a bingo sleeper.

Yes! You heard it right a bingo sleeper. A bingo sleeper is a colloquial term among bingo players and organizers. The origin of the term "bingo sleeper" is quite funny. It is said to be that one person literally falls asleep during the game. Some accounts even exaggerated this by describing a bingo sleeper sleeping and snoring soundly. As the story continues, at the time the bingo sleeper wakes up and finds out that his card already formed the desired pattern. That person argues that he should have won the game too. Since there was no rule pertaining to that incident, the prize is divided between him and the earlier winner. However, the other party would not agree and cause too much problem. The bingo organizers settle the matter by paying both the bingo sleeper and the non-sleeper the same prize.

For quite some time, it becomes the "talk of the town." So succeeding bingo events especially those in gambling districts make this rule that no prize will be awarded to a bingo sleeper. Once a player formed the desired he is required to shout BINGO! BINGO! BINGO! Otherwise, cease the drawing out of another number.

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