Let's Play Bingo

Bingo is one of the many games that fall under the category called game of chance. In this game, several numbers are selected in random sequence to be matched by the players with the numbers in their bingo cards. The numbers drawn are then shouted by a designated caller in order for every participant to hear clearly the chosen numbers.

The player who first forms a pattern that corresponds to one or more patterns set by the organizers wins the game. Before a start of each game, there are sets of patterns that have been agreed upon by organizers. These patterns will act as guides for the players to know how much they are close to winning the game.

The winning player must shout out the word "bingo" in order for the other players and organizers to recognize that somebody has already won the game. It will mark a stoppage to the game for some verification. The organizers should verify if the player indeed has the correct number combination pattern that they are looking for.

A basic bingo card has five columns, each of which is represented by a letter from the word "bingo." The first column falls under the letter "B." It includes the numbers 1 to 15. Meanwhile, the second column falls under the letter "I," which includes numbers 16 to 30. The third column falls under the letter "N," and should include numbers 31 to 45. The fourth column falls under the letter "G," which includes numbers 46 to 60. The last column is represented by the letter "O," and should include numbers 61 to 75.

The numbers being called out by the caller is usually placed in a container with a very small opening, which is just enough for one number to go through. Every number that is drawn from the container will be announced and will be set aside from the rest until the game has ended. Every game will end only if a winner has been declared. Once a game is finished, a new one can be started.

After knowing all these easy and exciting rules, players can now start playing this very enjoyable game. Just imagine how fun it is to be the one to shout the word "bingo" over all the other players in the crowd. No wonder many players get easily hooked by this very beautiful game.

Indeed, bingo is a game of chance because players have no control over their fate in this game. This game depends more on luck and very little on skill. The skill of players would only be tested on how fast they can be able to mark all the announced numbers on their cards, without missing any number that has already been called.

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