Life Of A Bingo Caller

To most people, bingo mouthmen or "callers" are seen as mere ornaments in live bingo games. All they see are people who simply announce the numbers on the ball and that's all. For most people it seems like a very boring job day in , day out. What few people realize is that the job is unique and that they have their own special characteristics.

Bingo callers have an important role to play in the bingo industry. Aside from being the most visible person on the stage one has a lot of rewards, advantages and challenges.

Bingo callers are required to have a sense of humor. Calling out to the crowd and audience all day seems a bit dry so one has to liven up things a bit.

The "mouthmen" need to have a mixed blend of attitude with them:

-The should be humorous and be able to deal with hecklers in the audience. -They should have a confident air about them as they try to resolve conflicts. -A natural stage presence is perfect. -Avoid the "happy go lucky" attitude for players want to feel assured that you read the numbers carefully and completely. -Must be able to talk to people from all walks of life. -Must have good diction and pronunciation. -Quick with numbers. -Observant and reliable.

Part of being a caller is to make sure that the games proceed without a hitch. Even if the computer generates the winning numbersm, they have to handle the paperwork needed to pay the winners of the bingo. On an average, most mouthmen do calls 10-20 times a day. Thats about 5 times more work than a regular announcer in the market does. Considering the amount of people they have to reach, one relly has to call out at the top of their voices.

Being a mouthman isn't just standing up and talking pretty. One needs to be trained by an experienced bingo caller. One must also possess a bit of gaming experience in various games so that they can understand the situation if a player comes complaining to them.

All the work isn't just being on the floor all the time. One ghas to work long hours and long shifts. Being a caller one has to have new jokes handy everyday and do what they can to keep things fun and lively.

Ultimately, if a caller is well experienced, they can get to earn up to $10,000 per month! That's more than double of what other people receive. Being a caller isnt that hard. One needs a strong sense of humor and a strong presence.

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