Playing Bingo is Therapeutic

Many articles have been written about the game BINGO. From its definition and how to's, to tips and strategies as well as its impression to people. Many have also been written about its role in the society; being a game of luck, a pastime, and a source of fast and easy money for the gambling people. Many lives had changed due to it and it became so popular that even kids knows it. It brings about good as well as bad influence to the society. Wether or not we are aware of it, Bingo is already a part of our modern life. May it be the traditional or the on-line bingo we cannot escape from its temptation when the bingo cards are already in front of us.

But do you know that playing bingo is therapeutic? Bingo is not only a game that brings fun and enjoyment. It is also therapeutic. And that therapy I am talking about is occupational therapy and stress therapy.

Occupational therapy is a way of bringing about self-esteem as well as a sense of accomplishment to those people who lost them in a period of time. It improves their cognitive, physical and motor skills. By playing bingo people especially those who have birth injuries or defects, mentally afflicted individuals, those who have broken bones as well as those who have chronic illnesses achieve independence and self-reliance.

In improving their cognitive skills playing bingo helps by confronting and challenging the distorted way of thinking. In short it helps in reasoning. In motor skills playing bingo helps by improving hand-eye coordination.

In stress therapy playing bingo is very helpful because it helps in relaxation. Stress a mental, emotional, or physical strain caused by anxiety or overwork leading to depression or raised blood pressure can be relieved by a simple relaxation. By playing bingo we divert our minds from our days problems into an enjoyable activity which does not require much mental effort. Our moods are lifted and we become happy for a moment. Our body also gets a rest from days work thus, reviving our energy during these pastime.

Playing bingo is therapeutic and as a result many people are inclined to playing it. Not only the adults, but also the young ones who knows the rules of the game are addicted to it. Playing bingo is affordable and is also available for free, no wonder that many people loves it. It is good for the mind and body as well as good for the pocket when you win the pot money.

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